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Start online the right way

Digitally position
your business

Establishing the right foundation to your company should begin with the blueprint of your business ideas and the value you offer. You can do this digitally even before dealing with the hassles of owning a physical establishment.

Go digital! – We believe this is the best approach of venturing online and solidifying your business in 2020 & onwards.

Turning business goals into visuals

If a picture is worth a thousand words, having a visual representation of your ideas would be a thousand times better.
Turning them into a well designed brand would then be a thousand times more effective.

What goes in creating a brand

Example of an agency

VIST Property – In our example, we are showcasing a high-end real estate agency in Malaysia’s competitive property market.

Just from the online visuals, see how effective it is in portraying the look & feel to a specified audience and potential buyers in the market.

portfolio thumb vist

Idea & Market Positioning

Concept of property agency listing only high end properties in Malaysia.

Visual Aesthetics & Design

Minimalist architectural visualization gallery showcasing listings as framed pieces on the wall.

Online Platforms & Sales

Well presented specific landing pages to showcase its properties on the website.

This agency

High end property market

VIST Property’s target market aims at the demographic of high net-worth individuals – Making use of its design towards communicating that value it offers as an advantage over other run-of -the-mill competitors.


Niche &

Serving a specific market need


"Your dream home getter"

If there’s one thing VIST Property is trying to communicate to its buyers is that it offers a well curated listing of only the top properties in Malaysia and presenting them in the best way for buyers to seamlessly go through and make the right purchase decision.

Service & value proposition

Making use of its property listings to only feature high end properties in Malaysia in which only be relevant to its targeted demographic and becomes the unique value proposition.

Team & customer experience

Offers its buyers a complete end-to-end home buying experience in tuned to match the value of what the brand represents from the first touch point to the end of the buying process.

Operation & guided systems

Directed and operated behind closed doors the same way as it showcases itself to its customers with the synergy of website systems as it remains parallel with the brand it was built on.

Featured agency demo

VIST brand


Now you

What we can do for you

  • Website Design

Beautifully designed website with the very best feature of customization to fit your need – Communicate your services to your customers with well structured pages.

  • Brand Design & Guide

What sets you apart from all other brands in the market. – Your own logo, color scheme, brand identity with consistent brand design & guidelines for future use.

  • Ecommerce Platform

Receive customers’ credit card payment via payment gateway. – Integration of product page, cart & checkout with full features & customization of products.

  • Business Card & Letterhhead

Equip yourself with a well design name card for when meeting with a prospect, leave an impression so they can easily reach out with the contact info.

  • Social Media Marketing

All the complexity in gaining presence through FB, IG, Google etc can be solved by our own proven & effective approach. – Gain the blueprint to making waves online.

  • Audience & Market Research

An insight on your target demographics and the buyers’ profile/avatar – hone in on who exactly you are serving to gain trust & relevancy.

  • Offering & Positioning

Gain an advantage of making a clear offer of your products & services. Present your offers to your customers with a clear & attractive list on the website.

  • Ad Promotional Design

Nail down the exact formula we use to achieve higher click through rates whenever a post is made or running a specific goal oriented Ad campaign.

Build & upgrade
your branding

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