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How to start a business

Digital brands
all the way

You can start a new business without the hassles and
insecurities of owning a traditional brick & mortar asset liability.

Start digital! – We believe this is the best approach of
starting a brand in 2020 & onwards.

Branding neurons

If a picture is worth a thousand words, having a visual representation of your ideas would be a thousand times more effective.
Turning them into a workable, tangible brand would then be a thousand times better!

What goes in a brand

Our brand as example

Our aim is to be the okayest example of a company that’s virtually bound – Doing away with old ways of business operation for a more flexible one.

Story & idea

Concept of Light in digital form and living in the virtual space.

Visual keys

Minimalist gallery showcasing each work as a framed piece on the wall.

Digital platform

A focus on Ecommerce providing means to make a dent in the market.

About us

A short summary of us


Virtual Flexibility

Making use of online productivity to our advantage – Acting as a center for local creatives & freelancers to work together.


Our whereabouts are somewhat irrelevant, – but we are based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Taking the work from home fad literally – delegating work between other local agencies & freelancers.


Recent world happenings let us discover all the new ways to work remotely – No masks needed.

Our Single

Branded Ecommerce sites

If there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s creating branded websites for anyone aiming to sell their products & services online.

We help build websites with sales funnel to drive in targeted interest. – Putting in our own design and planning from a customer’s first view to checkout.


Our featured demo

Ecom brand showcase

Intro Slider 1

Now you

What we can do for you

  • Website Design

Wordpress – the very best of a website – customization – lightweight & fast – full control

  • Ecommerce Platform

Product page, cart & checkout – receive credit card payment via Stripe & PayPal – listing & customizability of products – SKUs & order tracking

  • Promotional Design

Integration of branding identity into marketing – promo & ad design use

  • Brand Guidelines

Consistent style of design – guidelines for future brand use

  • Branding Design

Your own logo, color scheme, brand identity, – What sets you apart from all other brands in the market.

  • Visual Art Style

A higher standard of design is all it takes – inject some creative decision into your organization

  • Message & Positioning

Your core values & beliefs of what your brand should be – and always be as long as it’s stated in the inception

  • Marketing & Audience

An insight on your target demographics and customer avatar – hone in on who exactly you are serving

Start your long awaited brand

Have an idea brewing in mind?