What KLBX can do for your business.

We design a website at RM150 per month
- instead of paying an equivalent to 2 years of the same amount up front.

Hafidz, KLBX

Our Solution Is Monthly

Unlike other agencies, we don’t require huge sum upfront.

We work best with companies who have allocated a monthly budget for a website and need a third party to delegate to.
Our solution is one that you could opt in and out of any time.

Brands Digitalized
Clients Served

Simplifying Website Ownership For SMEs

We work with full autonomy behind the scenes.

The plan does not  require the usual thousands upfront – we have a certain road map of things to fulfill. Our methods are non-intrusive but you can address changes and iterations along the way.

How Does It Work?

1. Hire Us /Opt in to our Plan

Start your plan and provide input.

2. We build your website

We build the digital foundations to start.

3. We manage monthly

Ongoing management & operations.

4. Organic growth in time

You gain Incremental growth over time.

A Low Risk Alternative To A One-Time Development

KLBX, Malaysia
Personal Communication

Direct Contact

KLBX acts as a personal portfolio of past works done by myself and maybe with the help of other talented freelancers.

You can be assured to receive direct communication from me.

Contact Hafidz

Hafidz, KLBX