Get A RM3000 Website Done For Free

Only Pay Monthly Subscription of RM60/month

No more paying thousands of RM just to kick-start a website for your brand & business.

Only RM60 To Start


For any further requirements, feel free to contact us for a custom requirement.

Essentials Plan


Add Ons / Extra


Eliminating the need to pay RM3000+ upfront for a one-off website which will become outdated over time.


Essentials Plan

See what’s included as default.


Key Deliverables

SME Website Design & Development

Valued at RM3000 included as free.

Digital Brand Integration

Include your logo into all platforms.

Social Media Branding

Foundation to social media accounts.

How We Work

We work behind the scenes to build all the elements necessary needed to seamlessly transition your business into digital.

Digital Brand Map

What You Will Be Getting

Social Profiles

Branding & design.

Facebook Branding
Instagram Branding
Twitter Branding

Social Posts

Every week.

Customer Messaging

Message functions

Your Brand

Your company here.

Unified Branding

Continuity for all platforms.

Domain Name + SSL
Server & CDN
Email Server

KLBX Support

Admin & person in charge


5 pages as foundation.

Pages & Outline

All essential pages


Website back end.

Google & SEO

Keywords search results.


Ongoing Services


SME Website Management


SME Hosting & Email Service


Social Media Management


Content Writing & Posts - copy & design


Security & Identity Fraud Protection


Ongoing Support & Monthly Reporting

Our Digital SME
Transition Phases

Website development period.
Setting up of online identity, company emails, server.
Social media platforms branding & set up.
Client feedback & iterations.

Finalizing digital branding.
First monthly services start here.

Website News Section post every month.
Social media posts on all platforms every week.
Visitor/customer messages replies on all platforms.
Maintenance & upkeep of website and all platforms.
Client support & monthly reports.

Ongoing monthly services operational as usual.

Ongoing monthly services operational as usual.

Website will be 100% client owned.
Website ownership will be transferred to any chosen party if decide to discontinue monthly plan.
Ongoing monthly services operational as usual.

Ongoing monthly services will be operational as usual.