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The blueprint to a modern realtor
Is yours

Digitalized marketing with a proven formula

We offer a full-on branded website experience showcasing a clean design with an included sales funnel for conversion of your targeted buyers.

Get outside expertise to transform your agency and negotiation process with a proven set of system we’ve been implementing to well renowned agency in the UK for the past 6 years.

Pricing & Solution

Simple overview of what we offer


EXCLUDING marketing budget

RM 6000

monthly - no commitment

For agencies looking for a set outcome with an allocated independent budget

  • Custom design to suit you
  • How you want and when


COMPLETE marketing budget

RM 12000

monthly - no commitment

For established agencies looking for an end-to-end solution

  • Following a proven process
  • A set result and timeframe

*Prices shown in MYR is for the Malaysian market.

We believe a contract to form a retainer is only to the expense of the agency
– which is why it is in our best interest to offer service on a per month basis
which agencies can opt out anytime.